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PETER GOODRICH CONFERENCE - Shared screen with speaker view
John Enman-Beech
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Promised Hospitality
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Ioannis Klaras
What's bad with looking for other ways of being and resisting ways of being? What's bad with counter-performances? There may not be a pure self, a pure human being and I agree with that, but why should we not question the normative? Does Stanley Fish critiques the absence of activism (we need more praxis and less theory)? That's a question for Stanley Fish. The next one regards the death of CLS. It reminds me the end of history or the end of human rights etc. We may need to critique the discourse of rights and not just accept that rights can be useful for the marginalised. Rights have paradoxes as Wendy Brown and others have said. Similarly we may need to see CLS critically and allow ourselves to imagine other ways of critiquing as other ways of being? is that what you mean with post-critical? Do you mean that we should overcome discursive restrictions?
Promised Hospitality
Karin Loevy
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Ioannis Klaras
Isn't what Patricia Williams described more or less what Foucault meant with governmentality and biopolitics? Yes, the power operates more obscurely and in new ways (through new technological structures), but can we say that this is lack of governance or is it too much governance? Moreover, the legal discourse has expanded to many levels and many spaces occupying every space that it can. Thus, we have the fragmentalisation of the legal discourse to many genres. Do we really need more law and more governance?